"The woods would be quiet if no bird sang but the one that sang best". - Henry van Dyke


Singing is a human expression of emotion. It connects us through a deep, non-verbal communication - from singer to singer, as well as performer to audience. Singing in a choir creates an instant community with a common purpose: to sound awesome together.

So many people have confided in me that, at some time in their lives, they've been told not to sing. Family members, teachers or others whose opinion they respected have said they're not good enough to be allowed to participate. "You're out of tune", "You sing flat", "You sound hideous", "Shut up".  "Stand at the back and mime", "just mouth the words", "You're too loud", "You can't sing". It only takes one person, one time, to say something like this, and we can be silenced for decades.

Then there's the ubiquitous "You're tone deaf". Actually, tone deafness is a medical condition, and incredibly rare. If you were tone deaf, you wouldn't be able to distinguish one person's voice from another, you wouldn't know if it was Grandma or Dad on the 'phone. But this mislabelling does point out something of interest: listening is important for singing, and listening well is a big component of singing well. 

I strongly believe that the best place to reach our full potential as singers is in the supportive environment of a community choir - singing along with others who are at various stages on their paths to being the best singers they can be. As a recreational pursuit, many of us find that this is enough to allow us to find our voices again, and enjoy the freedom to express ourselves through song.

However, questions about singing often arise during our regular practise in community choirs, and the nature of these groups is such that its not always possible to address individual concerns about vocal production, or which voice part suits you best.

So I am available to provide an individual coaching session for those who sing in community choirs, to listen to you as an individual singer, answer your questions and help you to get the most out of your time at choir. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for rates and more information.